Saturday 9 March, 6pm – 7pm

(£12/£10 or can be bought as part of the Saturday Show Pass)

Suitable for 18+

I, Anarchist – Damir Avdić & Erik Valenčič

Important Notice

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Damir Advic will no longer perform at I, Anarchist and instead, Ana Duša will join Erik Valenčič on stage.

Ana Duša is one of the architects of the I, Anarchist performance, she created the concept for the show and worked with the artists to direct and shape the material.

She started work as a storyteller in storytelling collective 2 Pence of Fantasy Worth at Radio Student (Ljubljana, Slovenija), where she also worked as editor and author of radio programmes, forming storytelling group Three Hail Maries and One Our Father, with renowned musicians from world-music band Katalena. She is co-funder of  Storytelling Variety NGO, which is dedicated to research and development of contemporary storytelling. She runs a weekend storytelling school in Ljubljana. In the past three years, she has worked as storyteller, dramaturg and/or writer of theatre plays and songs for main Slovenian theatres (Slovenian National Theatres Drama and Nova Gorica; Ljubljana City Theatre; Ljubljana Puppet Theatre).



Concept and Director: Ana Duša

Damir Avdić – Bosnian musician, storyteller and writer joins Slovenian war reporter, film director, author and ‘left-wing extremist’ Erik Valenčič to bring a unique performance event to the UK for the first time.

Rhythmic electric guitar loops punctuate two very different but complementary storytelling styles. Erik Valenčič shares an unfolding narrative of the chaotic, hedonistic and harrowing experiences of a war correspondent in South Sudan; staged in parallel with Damir Avdić’s moving account of the inhumanity of capitalism, told as a series of funny and deeply resonant moments of cultural and political misunderstanding of a Balkan worker in the American service industries.  Follow these two unique artists as they present a picture of the world as it really is, without filters but with empathy, humour and sharp energy.

“Damir Avdić machine guns his stories with his giant voice and makes them as sharp as a razor, direct as a shot in the head and sincere as the heart.” Music critic, Igor Bašin

“I, Anarchist was my highlight of Ljublijana’s FEST storytelling festival.” Paula Crutchlow, Adverse Camber Artistic Advisor



More about Erik Valenčič and Damir Avdić

Erik Valenčič

Erik Valenčič is a Slovenian journalist, author, filmmaker, presenter and performer. He has been working as an investigative journalist, correspondent from the Middle East and Africa and subsequently as a filmmaker since 2001. He has made many award-winning documentaries including, ‘The Coalition of Hatred (Koalicija sovraštva; 2014)’ which dealt with neonazi and racist groups in Slovenia and was commended by CIRCOM in May 2015and ‘Frontlines of Kurdistan (Fronte Kurdistana; 2015)’, filmed during some of the worst clashes between the Kurdish forces  and the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, which received an award for ‘Outstanding accomplishment’ by the Slovenian Association of Journalists in November 2015.

Erik has also written three books: Gaza Under Siege (Obleganje Gaze; 2011), and two novels Shadows don’t burn (Sence ne gorijo; 2015) and Death for Life (Smrt za življenje; 2017). Both novels talk about the social upheaval and emergence of leftist terrorist groups, such as witnessed in Europe in 1960s and 1970s. In June 2018 he made a debut as a performer together with musician and artist Damir Avdić in I, anarchist (Jaz, anarhist), produced by Pripovedovalski Variete. The play was produced for the annual FEST (Festival of European Storytelling) conference, held in Ljubljana. Currently he is working on two new documentary films and two more books.

Damir Avdić

Damir Avdić (Tuzla, 1964.) is author of novels Na krvi ćuprija(Bridge over Blod, 2005), Enter Džehenem(Enter Hell, 2009), Tiket za revoluciju(Ticket for revolution, 2012), Ne želim da pobjedim(I don’t want to win, 2014) and a book of poetry Kuda sestro(Where, sister?)

He has also published seven albums: Od trnja i žaoka(Of Thorns and Stings, 2004), Mrtvi su mrtvi(Dead are Dead, 2008), Život je raj(Life is Heaven, 2010), Mein kapital(2012), Human Reich(2013), Manjina(Minority, 2015) and Amerika(America, 2017), in combination with novel Rodeo.

He composes music for films and theatre and won the ‘Vesna” award for best film music for movies Ivan(Janez Burger, 2017, SLO) and The Basics of Killing (jan Cvitkovič, 2017, SLO), and Borštnik award for music for performance Antigona (Eduard Miler, SNT Drama Ljubjana, 2017).

Concept and Directing: Ana Duša

Performers: Damir Avdić, Erik Valenčič

Music: Damir Avdić

Translation from Bosnian to English: Damir Avdić, Irena Duša Draž

Production: Storytelling Variety