Saturday 9 March, 1pm – 2pm

£12/£10 or can be bought as part of the Saturday Show Pass

Tim Ralphs – Rebranding Beelzebub

“Have you seen the cloven hoof prints burned on the cellar steps? Have you heard the fiddle player cursing? Can you smell the scent of secrets in the candle smoke?”

Edinburgh Festival hit Rebranding Beezlebub shines a spotlight on ‘Him Downstairs’ in a performance shaped by razor wit, diabolical horror, absurd confessions and guffaws fit for the unholy host. Tim Ralphs presents innovative re-imaginings of traditional tales as he exhumes the bones of old Devil stories and stitches them a new skin.  Darkly humorous with disturbing turns and a distinct whiff of sulphur.


More about Tim Ralphs

Tim Ralphs is a child of the storytelling revival, his practice is rooted in the modern oral tradition: the craft of weaving language and gesture to entrance an audience and bring a tale to life.

Tim Ralphs gained much acclaim at “The Young Storyteller of the Year” competition in 2007, and was a British Award for Storytelling Excellence winner in 2012. He has performed everywhere from majestic Teutonic castle at Alden Biesen in Belgium, British Council Libraries in India, the muddy Shropshire fields of The Festival at the Edge, to the sophisticated theatres of Soho and The Barbican. His audiences find him equally captivating whether they are eating cake in a cafe, sitting spellbound around a fire in the woods, or dancing furiously while he lays down his words over a frenzy of experimental rock.

His stories are drawn from a rich medley of myth and folk tale, but also include live adaptations of absurd texts and wondrous reimaginings of classic fairytale material in evocative urban settings. As an ambassador and advocate for storytelling, Tim’s repertoire reflects the need for the craft to appeal to today’s listeners and tomorrow’s tellers.

Tim Ralphs is an experienced workshop leader, capable of engaging with diverse groups of differing abilities. Whether introducing attendees to performance for the first time or exploring the subtle intricacies of storytelling as a work of craft, his participants leave enriched, confident and with a new perspective on this incredible artform.

“A five star story” The Times

**** Fringe Guru

“Tim managed to make the audience laugh in one breath and silence them in the next.” Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature