The Remarkable Tale of Robert Desnos

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Held captive in a concentration camp, prisoners tell fantastical tales to lift their spirits. Their clandestine gatherings allow them to briefly forget their terrible situation. But surely their fate is unavoidable…

The Remarkable Tale of Robert Desnos is funny, tragic, uplifting and incredibly moving. Shifting between the awful reality of the camp, and the beauty and richness of countless other worlds, this weaving together of finely crafted traditional stories demonstrates the power of the imagination to shape and change reality.

This remarkable tale is exceptionally told by two of today’s best storytellers – Clare Muireann Murphy, bursting with wit and dynamic physicality and Daniel Morden, renowned for his passionate and masterful performances. Brought to you by Adverse Camber one of the UK’s most celebrated storytelling companies, the show generates overwhelming audience responses, creating an inspiring and powerful shared experience.

The Remarkable Tale of Robert Desnos

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