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A Story Walk for Australians

Tue 24th Sep 2013

Hunting the Giant's Daughter

On Thursday 12th September, Michael, Lynne and Stacey led a story walk at Creswell Crags for a group of Australian artists visiting Derbyshire as part of Wirksworth Festival.   Robert Portman, a heritage expert based at Creswell, shared his knowledge of the site with us all as part of the walk.  We experienced a whole range of stories and songs inspired by the site, learned about historical and geological stories associated with this place, handled 14,000 year old tools, learned more about each others stories, as we walked and talked, and afterwards as well.

Read what the Australians had to say about it here!

Creswell is an amazing site in Derbyshire, home to Britain’s oldest cave art, dated to around 13,000 years ago.  Church Hole Cave, site of the cave art, is about to close for the winter as bats make it their home – but do check it out if you haven’t been already.  The place has such a peaceful atmosphere.

This was the second story walk for Michael, Lynne and Stacey and preparation for four more happening as part of the Hunting the Giant’s Daughter South West tour.  It was fantastic to hear the story of the ‘Oldest Animals’ while standing in a forest, seeing the tangible evidence of how time has passed all around.   Plus in the deepest, darkest cave, where humans probably didn’t go, but the animals did, Lynne asked everyone to turn their torches out and she sang Myfi yw’r dechreuad in the darkness – ‘I am the beginning, I am the word, my body is the land and the trees and the leaves, my hair is the grass, I will be here after the end, follow me, oh innocent youth’.  I reckon I’ll be thinking of that moment whenenever I hear it again now!

Producer, Naomi Wilds

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