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Hunting the Giant’s Daughter

Tue 17th Sep 2013

Hunting the Giant's Daughter

Adverse Camber is about to embark on a new tour of Hunting the Giant’s Daughter, a storytelling and music show for adults drawn from one of the oldest King Arthur stories found in Wales.

The idea for this tour sprang at a cafe in Exeter, in November 2009.  Michael, Lynne, Stacey, Rob Whitehead and I were there to meet director/dramaturg Paula Crutchlow who had led a productive creative redevelopment session on the show earlier in the year.  We were meeting for the first time since the creative sessions to catch up on how it was  going.

We started to talk about what might happen next with the show and at some point I said, ‘wouldn’t it be great to tour along the route of the hunt for the Twrch Trwyth

Hannah Ashwell from Beaford Arts in North Devon wasn’t at the cafe summit, but she had seen the show the previous night and when I rang her to talk about the idea she liked it.  Four years and three funding bids later, with a whole range of partners and supporters helping make it happen over the intervening years, here we are.

The list of thanks is too long to give in detail but I’ll particularly mention archeologists and project leaders David Austin, Jemma Bezant and Martin Locock at University of Wales Trinity St David, Peter Gregory at the Night Out Scheme in Wales and Arts Council Wales who jumped on board before we had the English leg sewn up and also thank Michael Dacre for his valuable advice as well as the team at the Performance Centre in Falmouth, where this tour now finishes on 27th October.  And of course, a huge thank you to Arts Council England for their support of the project and of Adverse Camber as a whole.

It’s going to be an adventure, and hope you’ll join us on it!

Producer, Naomi Wilds

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