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Last Rehearsal in Halifax – 3 weeks to tour!

Wed 16th Sep 2015

Fire in The North Sky

Halifax was Adverse Camber’s designated rendezvous last week, at the delightful venue of Square Chapel Centre for the Arts for a three day technical rehearsal, dusting off the runo-songs, epic stories, music and spells which make up Fire in the North Sky: Epic Tales from Finland (Saatuja Sanoja) and watching the air vibrate with the fantastic sound of this ensemble!

We were lucky to actually have all the sound, since two of the instrument bags somehow weren’t added to the flight! After 24 hours chasing baggage from airline-to courier-to venue, we were all present with amplification and lights for the only full technical rehearsal we’ve collectively had. In storytelling, you often hear that all that’s needed is a storyteller and an audience – true, of course. When you’re working in venues which have the capacity for lighting, and with audiences of upwards of 100+ why not use all the resources available to support that warm, intimate feel which is so characteristic of great storytelling?  Matt and Gethin, our technicial managers, improvise and respond in the moment to the show as it unfolds, so this was their chance to be part of a full run through and add their own complementary perspective to the piece.

As you’ll know if you’ve been to one of our previous shows, little programmes accompany each show as a take-home gift, giving more background to the source material or creative process.  While gathering material for Fire in the North Sky’s programme we’ve made up a few video clips so you can discover more ahead of (or after) your visit.

All the stories which are found in The Kalevala, the 19th Century epic text compiled by Elias Lönnrot and a main source for Fire in the North Sky, are based on runo-song, the ancient singing tradition common to speakers of Finno-Ugric languages.  In this short video clip, Anna-Kaisa Liedes sheds light on runo-song traditions:

We’re delighted that the shows are really filling up now with audiences – if you haven’t already booked get your skates on, because some shows are nearly sold out!  All of our work as a company comes together when shows are on tour, so we’re taking deep breaths over the next few weeks and looking forward to seeing everyone – do come and say hello!

Photos by Chris Webb

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