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Autumn 2016 tour roundup & looking ahead to 2017!

Mon 21st Nov 2016

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Huge thanks to everyone who came to one or more performances over the last three months of touring – from Derbyshire to London and all the way to Cornwall, with clusters of events in Yorkshire and the North West – we’ve had an amazing time, it was brilliant to see you all!

Special thanks to all the artists and our on the road teams for sharing stories and music in so many different places and spaces, from a community cinema in Shropshire, to school workshops in Cornwall,  to the Crucible Studio Theatre in Sheffield and a converted print works in Leeds…

Audience WelcomeOur Autumn tours included welcome returns to some of our favourite venues and festivals – plus our very first visits to Liverpool, Oldham, Chester, Shrewsbury, Leeds, Oswestry and Halifax!  Fabulous to visit new towns and cities, we hope to be back before too long! We were delighted to meet so many new audiences, especially keen enthusiasts who came to one show then dashed across country to catch another, and to see familiar faces of fellow storytellers and musicians in so many places! We were also thrilled to spread the word through new media channels, including an interview on BBC Radio Leeds plus a  feature in Farsi on Manoto TV – spot us from 9 mins 50 in on this link!

And now, as the photograph frames, Salmiakki liquorice vodka, lattice-work boxes, programmes and clothes are packed safely away, there’s time to look back at photos of the tour highlights, and look forward to 2017, which is just around the corner!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be back in South West England from 26 January to 1st February with four new performances for Fire in the North Sky: Epic Tales from Finland, three intimate venues in Dorset and the main performance space at Exeter Phoenix in Devon.   Tickets go on sale very soon, so make sure you get in their fast – they make excellent Christmas presents!

In February and March, we head out on new adventures with Mabinogion stories, the body of Welsh myths and legends which have inspired artists for hundreds of years. First, we have a National Storytelling Week performance of our favourite King Arthur story, Hunting the Giant’s Daughter at Cambridge Junction on Saturday 4 February.

This is shortly followed by the arts centre premiere of Dreaming the Night Field: the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion as part of Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival on Saturday 11 March.   More soon about this performance by Michael Harvey, Lynne Denman and Stacey Blythe which is part of an entire weekend of activities inspired by Y Mabinogi, last year’s inspirational sharing, curated by Peter Stevenson, of all four branches of the Mabinogion.  To get in the mood, check out BBC Radio 3’s recent week of short clips revisiting the Mabinogion starting with Professor Sioned Davies, Chair of Cardiff University School of Welsh and author of the most recent translation, a source text for our artists.

2017 is going to be great! We’re already getting excited!

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