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Sneak preview of Dreaming the Night Field!

Thu 19th Jan 2017

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We are really excited to share this brand new film, made while working on Dreaming the Night Field: a legend of Wales. The film was shot in the midst of one of our residencies at Felin Uchaf, in autumn 2016. It takes you on a journey through the Welsh landscape from the modern to ancient and back, hinting at the legends of Wales and, we hope, is a perfect appetizer for the live performance.

You can experience the show live starting with the arts centre premiere at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Saturday 11 March 2017 with a tour of English venues in autumn of 2017. We will be announcing details of the autumn tour in the coming months!

Find out more about the show and how it was made on the pages of our website.

Take a look at the film and we’d love to hear what you think about it:


Here are a few photographs showing the fun we had exploring North Wales and checking out locations said to be where key episodes of the story are said to have happened – the story of the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion.


The film was made by Gavin Repton and photography by Chris Webb.

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