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Subscription to Planet Magazine – Special Offer!

Mon 12th Jun 2017

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Planet Magazine subscription offer

We have joined together with Planet Magazine to offer Adverse Camber’s friends a special deal on a year’s subscription, offering you both the printed magazine and online access for the whole year for just £15!

Planet Magazine is a high quality quarterly cultural and political magazine that looks at Wales from an international perspective and at the world from the standpoint of Wales.

In their current issue, storyteller Michael Harvey has written a great piece reflecting on the process of making Dreaming the Night Field, following the experience of making and touring Hunting the Giant’s Daughter as part of the magazine’s “Welsh Keywords” series, he discusses Chwedl, which translates as “story, account, legend, fable….” .

To enjoy the full article, take a look at Planet Online and to take advantage of the £15 annual subscription offer, follow this link. If you want to get in touch with Planet directly, you can reach them on 01970 611255 or .

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