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Fire in the North Sky at the Southbank Review

Wed 1st Nov 2017

Fire in The North Sky, Review, Storytelling

We recently presented four very successful performances of Fire in the North Sky: Epic Tales from Finland at London’s Southbank Centre as part of the London Literature Festival. There was also a live performance from Suunta, our three Finnish musicians, as part of the Southbank’s Friday Tonic Series. Take a look at this very touching review from the online magazine, The Platform – how wonderful to hear how moved the Finnish reviewer felt upon experiencing the performance:

After studying the Kalevala as a child, this performance at Southbank Centre was one of the only times I have fully engaged with the story. The tale being related in a strong English accent meant that I was given the opportunity to hear it, in some respect, for the first time, and become newly engrossed in the fantastic adventures of Väinämöinen and his encounters with death and magic.

And then I had the feeling of hearing the Kalevala for the first time again. The song of Liede was a whole new epic tale in itself. Two performers tell the tale at once, weaving two languages and mediums together into one. In between speech and song, they find a line of communication, and in turn, connect the two people with the entire crowd present.

Read the full review here.

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