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Adverse Camber’s first trip to Germany for Welsh Performing Arts Festival in Dresden

Tue 17th Apr 2018

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We are absolutely delighted! Both Dreaming the Night Field and The Remarkable Tale of Robert Desnos are part of the first ‘Welsh Performing Arts Festival’ in Dresden this April/May – celebrating the UK/Germany 2018 season with a year of culture.  British Council Wales and Arts Council of Wales have joined forces with Dresden’s Societaets Theatre to programme a festival which showcases innovative Welsh work to German audiences. The season celebrates and explores the cultural connections between the UK and Germany in a dynamic, year-long programme, with the Welsh Performing Arts Festival taking place between 27 April and 5 May.

Seven Welsh companies are showcasing their work at the theatre in Dresden and we are thrilled to be amongst the critically-acclaimed pieces chosen for the event.

Rebecca Gould, head of arts for British Council Wales, said: “Our aim at British Council Wales is to showcase the most innovative and creative work from Wales with the world and together with Societas Theatre Germany we have curated seven Welsh companies which are at the top of their game for our first Welsh Performing Arts Festival in Germany… We’re really looking forward to the festival and showcasing the talent that Wales has on offer.”

For details of the full festival programme, take a look at the Societaets Theatre website as well as watching the trailer below, we love how they’ve used the Dreaming the Night Field film in their festival programme “mash up”.

Many thanks to British Council Wales and Wales Arts International for their support.

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