Marvel’s Avengers V The Mabinogion – a review of Dreaming the Night Field in Dresden

Thu 10th May 2018

Dreaming the Night Field, Review, Storytelling, Tours

Marvel’s Avengers V The Mabinogion – where do the strongest stories and longest-lasting myths lie?

“Adverse Camber understand the strength of a story is in the telling… Michael Harvey has an impressive stage presence, that rare mixture of ego and modesty… He revels in the stories.. he treats them as if they have grown richer with age, not simply become classical. They are not updated, reimagined or “reduxed”, but they are unmistakably presented with a modern swagger.”

Gary Raymond writes about the Welsh Performing Arts Festival in Dresden, Szene:Wales in Wales Arts Review, looking at how the festival’s eclectic mix of performances shone a light on the work that’s coming out of Wales today. Read the full review here.



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