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Michael Harvey writes about storytelling and making of Dreaming the Night Field in An Introduction to Storytelling

Wed 15th Aug 2018

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The Society for Storytelling have recently published a book with The History Press, An Introduction to Storytelling, featuring storytellers from around the world and edited by Christine Willinson. Dreaming the Night Field‘s Michael Harvey has contributed an article in the book where he talks about making and performing the show. Here’s an extract for a special insight into how the three artists prepare for each performance.

“Improvisation is a central part of what we do. Yes, the same things happen to the same people in the same order each time and the same songs are sung but within that framework we are always looking for how it is going to be different tonight. The lack of script means that the precise verbal form and emphasis of presentation is different for each audience and the music and singing also have a corresponding intuitive and spontaneous responsiveness. Even our technician is deftly tweaking lights and sound as we go along.

A lot of planning and preparation has gone into the moment of being ready to go on stage and once we are in front of the audience it is the time to trust that the planning has been done properly, trust that we are ready and that this particular show will work into a version that resonates and sings with the space and the audience and trust that the material will, once again, weave its spell over those who tell and those who listen.”

If you would like to read the full article as well as get insights from other storytellers, you can order copies of the book on the History Press website here.

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