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Leeds Storytelling Takeover – an absolute joy!

Thu 14th Mar 2019

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The Leeds Storytelling Takeover was an absolute joy from start to finish – from the shoots of conversations about the transformative power of storytelling from several speakers including, Michael Harvey, Lisa Schneidau, Christine Mcmahon, Peter Chand, Ana Duša, Clare Murphy & Sita Brand to the glory that was the MYTH OFF; from skill sharing in workshops, to uncovering the fairytale secrets of Leeds’ streets with Ursula Holden Gill’s Story Walk; a whole host of top notch storytelling performances to our very first livestream storytelling event, the whole weekend was by turns, enlightening, thought-provoking, powerful, but ovewhelmingly, it was great fun!

We even received this fabulous review for The Shahnameh from Charles Eager at Leeds Living.

And here’s some feedback from some of the people that came along to enjoy the Takeover:

“More! More like this please :)”

“I saw four different events over the weekend and all the storytellers were so different in the way they told their stories, but it gave you a real sense of how powerful story is!”

“I thought ‘I, anarchist’ was fresh and edgy and it was great to hear such modern storytelling with such edgy topic from someone who was actually there! Tongue-tied and twisted – I enjoy Peter Chand’s telling and the way he interacts with his audience. Always a pleasure to hear him tell.”

“The whole event has been superb and the quality of the storytelling has really impressed me.”

We would like to say a HUGE thanks to Carriageworks Theatre for inviting us and being such wonderful hosts, Leeds Lit Fest for their inspired plan to start the Leeds Lit Fest & of course Arts Council England & Federation for European Storytelling / Creative Europe for funding the event.

Big thanks are also due to our marvellous filmmaker Gavin Repton, all the Leeds Lit Fest volunteers, Emma Watkins and all the wonderful people of Leeds and beyond that came to share the Takeover with us!

And following the Takeover as many of the storytellers headed off to projects in Washington, Canada, South America and other far flung places, Adverse Camber has international plans of its own, which we will uncover very soon… and in the meantime, enjoy all these photos from the weekend!

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