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Exploring Norse legends and digital soundscapes in Oslo…

Mon 10th Jun 2019

Adverse Camber, Hervor, Projects, Storytelling

This week, director Paula Crutchlow, Adverse Camber’s artistic advisor is spending time in Oslo with storyteller, Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen and composer & musician, Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad. We’ve started working together on the Story of Hervor – a story of a Viking warrior woman whose part in the Norse legend of the magic sword of Tyrfing is often brushed over or simply left untold.

We’re incredibly excited to be developing a new work with Heidi and Gyrid – a musician who works live, incorporating digital technology, to explore how different kinds of sounds and sound experiences can work together with Heidi’s evocative storytelling.

We are fascinated to uncover more about this story, including issues of gender and memory, how the Fornalder Sagas have traditionally been told and how this ancient story has such strong resonance and connections with our contemporary lives. 

As ever, we’ll share more as the work progresses, so keep checking back for news…

Thanks to FEST, the Federation for European Storytelling for supporting this work, also to Arts Council Norway, OsloMet, Seanse (whom the project will visit in September) and to Arts Council England.

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