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Welsh tour draws to magnificent close at Felin Uchaf

Mon 12th Aug 2019

Read about the last date of the Dreaming the Night Field Welsh tour at the Felin Uchaf on the Llyn Peninsula, the very place where the show’s journey began!

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Our weekend at Felin Uchaf was the perfect way to round off the Dreaming the Night Field Welsh tour and a chance for us all to reflect on the show’s journey so far, including our trip to Australia!

The weekend was another chance to celebrate connections between important strands of Adverse Camber’s work – working with professional storytellers and musicians and working with young people in care and care leavers on creative projects.

Young people leading our Moon Stories project got to hang out with the Welsh artists as special visitors to the tour finale, creating some really magical moments which we’ll all remember. Much creativity was inspired, sharing music and stories, learning how young people helped create Felin Uchaf and the inspiration involved. We also all witnessed an exciting space station flyby while sitting round the fire together, and some of us were lucky enough to see Jupiter and its four moons through a telescope, as well as learning more about the summer night sky.  

We look forward to hearing more from these and other young people as they work on Moon Stories over the coming year!

And for the Dreaming the Night Field team, what better way to celebrate the end of the tour than performing to a packed-out audience at Felin Uchaf’s beautiful roundhouse?

We are truly grateful to everyone that’s been involved in the Dreaming the Night Field journey so far, thanks so much to all and of course, everyone who has come along to shows to share this wonderful Welsh legend with us!

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