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A week amongst the fjords!

Thu 19th Sep 2019

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Next week, our Producer, Naomi Wilds and Artistic Advisor / Director, Paula Crutchlow are travelling to Volda in the west of Norway, a place with strong cultural heritage and academic traditions, glorious mountains and an 11-mile long fjord!

Naomi and Paula are heading to SEANSE for a week-long residency with storyteller, Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen and composer / musician Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad to work on VÅR: the story of Hervor.  SEANSE is a centre that supports innovative art projects and practices by providing space, support and mentoring. Since 2004 they have offered over 500 national and international artists residencies. We’re really pleased to be joining SEANSE’s autumn 2019 programme that will hook us up with a host of other artists and companies to all share, explore and learn from our work together.

We’ve been preparing for our residency by reading articles like this one about Volda, apparently the flight through the mountains in a small Widerøe jet, makes for quite a bumpy ride!

At the end of the residency, Heidi and Gyrid will premiere VÅR: the story of Hervor at Litteraturhuset in Oslo and then, Teater Pero in Stockholm. We’re hoping to tour the show in the UK in the near future, sign up for our e-newsletter and be the first to know when we have news to share!

We’re sure to see some beautiful sights and have some amazing experiences during our week in Volda and then on to Oslo, so look out for news, snippets and pictures coming your way…

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