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Get ready for… GAZING

Wed 24th Jun 2020

Adverse Camber, Audience, Engagement, Storytelling

We’re excited to announce GAZING, a new series of stories we’re sharing with you over the summer months.

GAZING is about looking up and out, to the stars, the Moon, perhaps even into the future…

Across time and cultures, people have found many ways to make connections between life on Earth and the possibilities of the Night Sky, sharing stories which mark the changing seasons, providing orientation and inspiration.  

This series will unfold online over the next few months, linked with constellations and phases of the Moon, featuring a mix of stories, stargazing and creativity to illuminate our summer nights.

You’ll be able to catch the series on our social media channels and here on our website. We’ll let you know in plenty of time what’s coming up where and when.

Follow us on our Facebook page and adjust your settings* to receive notifications from us, and make sure you don’t miss any opportunities for GAZING.

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GAZING has been made possible thanks to support from Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund and an amazing community of story makers and sharers.


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