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The Game of Seven Candles

Tue 19th Jan 2021

Audience, Storytelling, Tours

We’re thrilled to present our first online event of 2021 – join celebrated storytellers Tim Ralphs and Sarah-Liisa Wilkinson for a night of otherworldly tales on Thursday 11 February at 8pm.

In 2020 we looked up at the Night Sky, connecting through stories, in GAZING. With our New Year skies often clouded over, and while the nights are still long, we turn to the customs which bring us together with light, to mark the darkness.

In Edo period Japan, a nightime game of candles and supernatural tales, Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai, became a phenomenon. One hundred flickering candles. One hundred ghostly stories. And after each teller finished their uncanny tale, a candle would be extinguished, to plunge the room, by small degrees, into darkness.

Join superlative storytellers Tim Ralphs and Sarah-Liisa Wilkinson for a night of otherworldly tales in tribute to this folk custom.

And of course we don’t just want you to listen, we want you to join in with this candlelit ritual. Join us from the comfort of home, illuminated by the glow of your computer screen and (with all attention to your own and others health and safety) seven flickering candles. As the night goes on, we’ll blow them out together and journey deeper and warmed by our collective shivering into ghostly shadows.

All the information you’ll need on how to participate will be sent in advance, but essentially you’ll need Zoom, seven candles and a dark(ish) room.

NO JUMP SCARES! (Probably.)

So, gather up your seven candles, book your tickets and we’ll see you online on Thu 11 February.

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