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Making 4 Tales accessible

Fri 26th Feb 2021

Adverse Camber, Audience, Projects, Storytelling

4 Tales to Save the World began its life as a project designed to create sound scapes for blind and visually impaired audiences. Gwilym Morus-Baird consulted with charities in the sector to make sure that he created work that was accessible, in particular that there weren’t too many layers of sound to make it difficult to navigate.

We have commissioned an audio description specialist to create tracks to add to the web page for buyers of the box set, so that the full experience including specially commissioned postcards in a bespoke gift box will be accessible. Here is an audio described promotional track for the project.

We have also commissioned transcriptions for the four recordings which will be available to all box set buyers. Plus the Q&A will have a live captioner.

The transition of the project from a live to an audio experience has provided fantastic opportunities to improve access to an immersive and evocative piece of storytelling and music. Opening up a greater space to think and talk about climate change.

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