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Artist call out for co-creative ensemble in Derbyshire

Tue 29th Mar 2022

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We are looking for 4 artist-storytellers to join an intergenerational co-creative ensemble in NE Derbyshire for a brand new project working in partnership with Junction Arts – Our Stories, Our Places, Our Futures.

We positively welcome applications from storytellers working within the oral tradition, and would also love to see artists with other disciplines apply. Perhaps you are a songwriter, poet or rap artist? Perhaps you tell stories through music, movement, or sound design? We aim to build a collaborative ensemble with different skillsets that complement one another.

Our Stories, Our Places, Our Futures will explore a new co-creative partnership with a specific community in North East Derbyshire and Bolsover. This project, led by Adverse Camber and Junction Arts, brings 16 young people from Bolsover and NE Derbyshire together with 4 professional artists to build a co-creative ensemble.

The four selected artists will undertake training together in creative facilitation, and challenging discrimination and stereotypes in contemporary storytelling. They will then collaborate with a group of young people from Bolsover and NE Derbyshire over several weeks, through regular workshop sessions and a five-day residency, to co-create a performance or participatory ensemble piece for presentation at Tapton Lock Festival on Saturday 10 September, 2022.

Though the form of the outcome is open, the themes we’ll be working with will be led by the young people involved. The starting point will be their relationship/s with where they live, their futures, and the stories they want to tell.

Our Stories, Our Places, Our Futures is the first of four Derbyshire-based Action Research pilots initiated by Adverse Camber in response to a series of consultation meetings with a diverse group of Midlands based freelancers and organisations. The consultation meetings uncovered strong and genuine enthusiasm for diverse story-based projects, exploring themes of identity, community and ecology/environment, to help create resilient and connected communities.

The project will run from 25 April – September 2022 with a fee of £4,000 per artist (breakdown is in the brief).

The deadline for applications is Sunday 10 April 2022, 5pm and interviews will take place online on Wed 13 & Thu 14 April 2022.

Download the full call out details and how to apply here.

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