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Call out for East Africa based storyteller

Wed 20th Apr 2022

We’re looking for an East Africa based storyteller for in-person and online work on a British Council funded project. Deadline Fri 29 April.

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British Council International Collaboration Grants project

For in-person and online work, with East African and UK team

STORYING OUR FUTURES project: Brief and Call Out for an East Africa-based storyteller

The Storying Our Future project is a collaboration between Kenya-based climate forecasting organisation ICPAC and UK-based arts organisation Adverse Camber.  It is led by a partnership between science and climate specialists at ICPAC, Linda Ogallo and Collison Lore, and UK based independent storytellers and researchers/activists Cath Heinemeyer and Hannah McDowall.   It is supported by British Council’s International Collaboration Grants programme.

The project aims are:

  • to explore through storytelling how communities on the climate frontlines use indigenous traditional knowledge (ITK) to predict weather and adapt to climate change
  • to build bridges between ITK and scientific meteorology
  • to share stories of communities experiences, adapting to a changing climate, with wider audiences in East Africa and the UK/Europe

PHASE 1: During Spring-Summer 2022 the project team are working with journalist Joseph Ngor Deng to gather and communicate the stories and perspectives of South Sudanese communities, including traditional weather forecasters (Rainmakers), and meteorologists. Making a series of radio programmes for South Sudanese community radio stations and engaging community-based listening groups in responding to these stories. The Storyteller will join the team preparing for a site visit in South Sudan.

PHASE 2: Leading on from Phase 1, in Autumn 2022 the project team will share the understandings gained through the site visit with audiences in the wider East African region and UK/Europe, through creating live, online or radio-based storytelling performances.

We are seeking a storyteller based in East Africa to collaborate in both phases of the project. The criteria for this individual include:

  • Ability to speak both Swahili and English, and in the very best case also Dinka;
  • Availability to attend a traditional forecasters’ gathering in South Sudan in June;
  • Experience as a performer or facilitator of community storytelling.

Fee: £200 per day, for 5+ days of work. If you are interested and available please send brief details:

  • Your contact details
  • Brief details of your experience as a performer or facilitator of community storytelling
  • Language range
  • Any further information you wish to supply


Contact for further information or with any questions:

More information can be found at

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