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What are you talking about? A series of 4 storytelling workshops

Fri 23rd Sep 2022

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A series of 4 storytelling workshops led by Florian Fischer and Ragnhild A. Mørch to face ethical problems in traditional folktales.

This series of online workshops take place on Sat 12 Nov (10am-1pm GMT), Sun 13 Nov (10am-1pm GMT), Thu 17 Nov (4-7pm GMT) & Thu 24 Nov (4-7pm GMT) you must be able to attend all four sessions to take part.

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As oral storytellers, one of the essential aspects of your practice is the process of selecting, adapting and performing traditional folktales. In doing so, we often have to deal with problematic issues and images pertaining to racism, gender norms or hetero-normativity. In addition, we work with imported imagery when we tell stories from another culture whilst being influenced by the perspective of our own cultural background.

What are you talking about? is a practical-theoretical course aimed at raising awareness and facing the ethical problems which the imagery of traditional folktales can entail. We invite professional oral storytellers to embark on a shared journey to explore narrative and performing strategies to creatively overcome these ethical problems.

This course will be delivered on Zoom and you must be able to attend all four sessions listed above. It includes the chance to work creatively with a traditional story from your repertoire, and gain feedback from the group.

The course offers an introduction to the issues of stereotypes with specific relevance to oral storytelling in the context of historical and present-day power structures and contains input and demonstration, self-reflection, experimentation, sharing and discussion, film clips and small group work.

Ideal for storytellers with a moderate level of performance experience and a repertoire of stories, who are ready to be part of a supportive creative process with peers. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at hello@adversecamber.org

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This workshop series is supported by Arts Council England and Foundation Derbyshire as part of the ‘Our Stories, Our Places, Our Futures’ project.

Florian Fischer is a freelance trainer, consultant and writer on social justice issues, focusing on (post)colonial heritage & de-coloniality, racism & whiteness and masculinities. He studied political science and conflict transformation in Germany and France and holds a Master degree in International Relations. Attending the training course “Storytelling in Art and Education” at Berlin University of the Arts opened the door to storytelling for him, with its wonders and its challenges. He is (co-)author of the book „The Continuity of Genocide. European Modernity and the Genocide against the Herero and Nama in German Southwest Africa” (in German).

Ragnhild A. Mørch (MA) trained in storytelling, physical theatre and directing and has worked in live arts since 1996. Since 2005, she is a full-time storyteller and focuses on storytelling as performance art both as a performer and a lecturer. She is artistic manager of the training course Storytelling in Art and Education at the Berlin University of the Arts and co-curator of the bilingual storytelling series at the Humboldt Forum in Berlin. Her current focus lies on understanding personal positioning and the effect of personal perspectives with regards to traditional tales. She has performed at international festivals around Europe and North America and tells her stories in German, Norwegian and English.

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