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Moments in Time

Get involved with an important project to mark young people’s creativity during the coronavirus pandemic. Together we can capture a key moment in time and celebrate and share extraordinary everyday stories.

Moments in Time is a National Lottery Heritage Fund project developed in partnership with Derbyshire Virtual School, Amber Factory, Baby People and the Derbyshire Record Office.

We’re producing an archive full of creative work made by young people during the coronavirus pandemic – if you’re a creative mentor, can you help?

Young people can add their experiences and creative work, made during the coronavirus pandemic, to an archive kept at the Derbyshire Record Office.

We are happy to collect work that has already been created during the pandemic, as well as to provide inspiration for you to create new work together. The work can be big or small, it could be a poem, story, short or longer memory, a film, piece of music, drawing, painting or photograph.

Because we can’t put three dimensional work into the archive, instead we’d add a photograph or film file of the piece you have created – a sculpture, or a cake, or even a plant you’ve grown…

The deadline for expressions of interest in the project is the end of January 2021, with work to be submitted during February. We’re hoping to have a celebration in the best way possible, be that an exhibition or an online event.

Think of the significance of having your words or your creative work stored in an archive forever, so that people 100 years into the future can understand more about our time. What an amazing opportunity to be part of history and for young people to understand the importance of their story!

If you’re a creative mentor working with young people in Derbyshire and would like to help them realise the significance of their lived experience, whilst learning about the importance of oral history, please get in touch with us.

To find out how to get involved, email jenny(at) we’d love to hear from you!

If you feel like a little inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you going:

Share what you miss, your vision for the future, how you feel now, what you’ve been doing, what you’ve learnt, where you’ve been, who’s been there too, what you’ve enjoyed, what’s been good, what’s changed for you, or even what’s stayed the same…

You could try any of these ideas:

  • Record a soundscape of your room / house / local area / something you’re interested in
  • Make a photo montage / film / drawings of the areas you feel confined to, or your favourite places, new things around you that you have only recently noticed
  • Write or just record a story / poem / song / script / book / rap / instrumental or digital music
  • Create a cartoon or comic strip
  • Create a dance – improvise movement in a space, you could also use objects in your choreography
  • Document and share a new skill or craft you have learnt
  • Doodle / draw / sketch / paint / illustrate your dreams
  • Keep a diary
  • Voice record your thoughts on any aspect of your life or from your imagination
  • Make a model, sculpture, mobile, scarf, bag, collage, box full of special things

We found a couple of lovely ideas on YouTube – Make Moon Craters (you could film or photograph yourselves making these for the archive) or have a go at these wonderful painted stones!

We’ve shared a few examples of work that will go into our Moments in Time archive at the Derbyshire Record Office, you can find more in the gallery on the Creating Stories Together page.

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