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Creating Stories Together: Resources for creative professionals working with young people

We have several programmes of work to create and hear stories made by care experienced young people with their creative mentors, alongside our key partner, Derbyshire Virtual School.

If you work with young people in creative ways, we have loads of ways you can get involved, flexible to you and your interests.   Scroll down to our Gallery to see examples of creative work made by young people so far for the ‘Moments in Time’ and ‘Moon Stories’ archives, and get in touch anytime to let us know what you’re interested in and how we could support you in your work. 

Take a look and see what inspires you!

Opportunities to get involved


Take a look at some examples of work that have gone into our Moments in Time archive at the Derbyshire Record Office!

Making Friends with Aliens by Connor

Connor wrote and recorded this piece of music as part of Music of the Moon, a project funded by Youth Music and delivered in partnership with Baby People. The project focuses on creating music and performance inspired by the memories gathered for Moon Stories, alongside the connections between constellations, stories, memories and music. Read more about Music of the Moon here.

Dianna's Story by Emma

Emma was inspired by storyteller, Maria Whatton’s telling of Old Hina, the Moon Goddess, to tell her own Moon-inspired story.

The Moon

A poem about the Moon

A poem inpsired by the Moon.

Music of the Moon Illustration by Eleanor

Music of the Moon Logo

An illustration by Eleanor designed to be used as the logo for Music of the Moon, you can see this logo in use in the sound file higher up on the page.

Painted Stones

a photograph of stones painted with images of the night sky

Hand painted stones inspired by the Moon Stories project.

Moon Mind Map

a mind map inspired by information about the moon

A mind map created in answer to the question, ‘what do you know about the Moon?’

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