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The four artists we’ve assembled for the Our Stories, Our Places, Our Futures come from a brilliantly diverse range of backgrounds – a traditional storyteller and writer, a poet, a theatre-maker who specialises in physical theatre, mime and beatboxing, and a storyteller who also creates podcasts and alternative reality games.

Meet Maria Whatton, Aoife O’Connor, Lewis Doherty and Beccy Dye. You can find out more about each of them below…

Lewis Doherty on stage with a chair and a beam of light

Lewis Doherty

Lewis Doherty is an East Midlands based actor, writer and theatre maker who is well-renowned for his one-man shows, WOLF and BOAR. He has a deep love and appreciation for conjuring compelling stories on stage with little or no resources. In his work, he plays over 40 characters, mimes every prop, and makes all of the sound effects, using storytelling, physical theatre and beatboxing, Lewis creates blockbuster style stories for audiences to dive into.

Lewis also has lots of experience as an educator and facilitator, helping participants explore the basic principles of storytelling in a fun and welcoming way.

a white woman with dark hair, wearing a pink top and dungarees

Beccy Dye

Beccy Dye is a storyteller, game-maker and podcaster.  She specialises in bringing game philosophy and narrative together to create engaging stories ranging from live, co-created performances and Alternate Reality Games, to podcasts and creative workshops.  Beccy’s background in education, and community engagement work, has informed an approach built around co-creation, concepts of play, curiosity and collaboration.

Beccy believe in the power of narrative to evoke change for good and is always keen to test new ideas. She will bring all this plus her experience of delivering workshops to the Our Stories, Our Places, Our Futures ensemble.

black and white photograph of a black woman wearing a dark top

Aoife O’Connor

Aoife O’Connor (She/They) is a poet and producer based in Derby who loves being on stage and performing poems about the serious, wonderful and wacky.

Aoife is a Poet and Producer based in Derby. She is an experienced Slam and Spoken Word performer and co-founded an intersectional female led performance night to tackle the lack of diverse spaces in their local scene. They’re passionate about artist development as well as facilitating, coaching and producing live performance events.

A white woman with blond hair tied back, wearing a red jacket and necklace

Maria Whatton

Maria Whatton is a treasured British storyteller and fiction writer, winner of Outstanding Female Storyteller of Great Britain in 2013 (British Awards for Storytelling Excellence) she is renowned for her compelling, vibrant performances. Maria has a vast knowledge of traditional stories passed down by her Irish father and grandmother which she brings to life with her lucid, engaging style.

Maria has worked with Adverse Camber on a number of projects, including Stars and Stories and you can also find out about her involvement with the Moments in Time archive.