Project Resources | Adverse Camber


Story Cards

Storyteller, Beccy Dye, introduced the ensemble to the idea of using Story Cards as an exciting story-making tool. With the help of visual artist, Lucie Maycock, the ensemble devised their very own set of story cards which you can download on this page. Print at ‘actual size’ (A6), cut them out and stick onto card to make your own set, and start making your own stories.

You can use these story-cards however you’d like.  Perhaps one of the images might lead you to develop a character, and from there a whole story.  Or you might be inspired to research one of the places more, uncovering local myths and legends.

If you’d like to create a simple and quick story, select 2-3 characters cards, 2-3 place cards and at least one item card.  Now use these cards to create your own story.  Every card should be important to the story.  You can add more details, more characters and more places, but the cards will provide you with the main ingredients.

And, most importantly of all, have fun with it!

Audio Recordings

Three audio recordings were made during the project, listen to them here…