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This project has been co-designed by a trio of ICPAC scientists and community engagement experts, Linda Ogallo, Collison Lore and Calistus Wachana, working closely with two UK co-lead storyteller/researchers, Cath Heinemeyer and Hannah McDowall and the storytellers John Mukeni Namai and Mara Menzies.

a black and white head and shoulders photo of Linda Ogallo a young black woman with mid length hair, wearing a dark top and lighter cardigan and an ICPAC lanyard

Dr Linda Ogallo

Co-lead for East Africa Team

Dr Linda Ogallo is a climate change adaptation expert who has worked in several countries in the Greater Horn of Africa region, helping communities build resilience through access to climate information and various adaptation strategies. Linda coordinates ICPACs Climate Change Technical Working Group which whose aim is to strategically promote regional exchange of information and dialogue climate change in the region. Linda Ogallo holds a PhD in climate change and adaptation from the University of Nairobi. Her focus of study was on understanding the role of charcoal production in the context of a changing climate. She has extensive work experience in Project Management in the area of peace and security and governance.

a head and shoulders photo of Collison Lore a young black man with short hair and a beard, wearing glasses and a dark brown t shirt

Collison Lore

Co-lead for East Africa Team

Collison Lore is a Community Engagement & Accountability Specialist and a User Engagement Expert with the IGAD Climate Prediction & Application Centre (ICPAC) in Nairobi, Kenya.  He puts his over ten years’ experience and communication skills acquired over 12 African countries to effective use in the context of climate. Collison’s forte is in community radio, where he has both worked with and established community radio stations at the grassroots within the region, while involving pastoralist and farming communities. Collison is a fluent speaker of Swahili and a prolific writer on matters to do with community engagement and accountability in weather and climate issues. He has undertaken training of trainers on weather and climate in community radio across the IGAD region and communication work in biodiversity focusing on key issues such as environment and gender in East and West Africa.

photograph of Calistus Wachana standing in front of a large building perhaps a stadium or airport. A young black man with short hair and wearing glasses

Calistus Wachana

Meteorologist at Kenya Meteorological Department

Calistus Wachana is a climate services user expert with over 20 years experience in handling users at regional, national, local levels. His unique professional experience stems from years of providing and co-producing bespoke climate information for decision-making for both individual and organisations operating at various levels.

Dr Cath Heinemeyer

Co-lead for UK team

Dr Cath Heinemeyer is a storyteller, drama facilitator and lecturer in Arts and Ecological Justice at York St John University. She is interested in the potential of storytelling to facilitate dialogue across social and generational divides, and in relation to challenging topics such as ecological crisis, migration and mental health. She has led participatory arts projects with young people and adults of all ages in numerous schools, youth theatres, mental health settings, universities and community groups. Her book, ‘Storytelling in Participatory Arts with Young People: the gaps in the story’ was published in 2020 by Palgrave Macmillan. She is also involved in coordinating performance, arts and community outreach activities for climate activist groups, and is co-facilitator of York St John University’s Ecological Justice Research Group.

photograph of Hannah McDowall, a young white woman with long, red hair wearing a colourful top

Hannah McDowall

Co-lead for UK team

Hannah has been working as a freelance storyteller and social change project designer, facilitator and evaluator for 10 years. In 2020 she published her book, a  how-to guide called ‘Performance Storytelling: How to build your career and nurture the artform’ and has run digital storyteller workshops with international participants and as part of the Storytelling lab at the School of storytelling at Emerson College in Sussex. As well as working as a Freelancer, Hannah is a co-director of Canopy a social enterprise which designs and delivers social change projects which put imagination and artistic practice at the heart of what they do.

a head and shoulders photograph of John Mukeni Namai, a young black man with short hair and beard wearing a white t shirt

John Mukeni Namai


 John Titi Namai works with Zamaleo Act’s, a cultural organization in Nairobi, Kenya, that synthesizes various Kenyan traditions of storytelling for original performances and educational programs. An experienced storyteller in the Sigana form John organises workshop performance training and active relationships with diverse creatives and clients. 

photograph of Mara Menzies. a young black woman with short hair, wearing a stage costume of a black dress and long beaded neck piece. She is performing with her arm outstretched

Mara Menzies


Mara Menzies is an award winning performance storyteller whose dynamic, colourful style brings this ancient artform to life.

She has been invited to share stories in 27 countries with her latest production, ‘Blood and Gold’ exploring the legacy of colonialism and slavery through myth, legend and fantasy. It premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 as part of the Made in Scotland showcase and was nominated for the CATS award 2020 and was one of 5 shows nominated for the Filipa Braganca award for best emerging solo female performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, receiving rave reviews from top theatre critics.

Mara draws on her rich cultural heritage to create stories that explore our deepest fears, joys, loves, jealousies, passions and mysteries. She finds the truths about humanity in stories. She creates bespoke stories informing, inspiring and entertaining.

She is the founder of the Kwale Sculpture Park and Heritage Trail in Mbegani Village at the Kenyan coast, creating a heritage trail that demonstrates the beauty and richness of the local culture and stories alongside Mbegani Rising, a unique community development organisation.