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The Bear sequence Audiences join in songs

Adverse Camber is committed to growing audiences for storytelling, by offering exceptional quality tours, intelligent marketing and a through approach to audience research.

“The ease of working with you on marketing, the quality of your materials is so good. I’m already thinking, how can we get Adverse Camber back.”

Sita Brand, Settle Stories

  • Average audiences – 150+ with a high of 257
  • Reaching over 1,200 audiences in seven performances across England and Wales
  • 45-55% of audiences for our shows have never seen storytelling before (up to 61% at Royal Shakespeare Company)
  • 47% of rural touring audiences completely new to storytelling
  • Audiences consistently rate our work extremely high for quality and enjoyment
  • Up to 70% attenders new to one venue, attracted by offer of something different
  • We choose work with an eye to crossover appeal – equally appealing to theatre, music and film audiences as to those who seek out storytelling for the intimacy of the form

“I haven’t enjoyed anything so much as this magical performance in a long time it was phenomenally good. The storytelling, the music, the singing and vocalizations, the atmosphere, the stories, just wonderful. I wasn’t surprised to find from the literature that the three artists were all experts in their fields, they were amazing.”

Audience Feedback for Fire in the North Sky.

Adverse Camber has dedicating Marketing Associates as part of its team, increasing the support we can offer, tailoring it to venue and audience specifics, adding capacity to venue marketing.

Jenny Babenko is our lead Marketing Associate, supporting all our current tours, and we are working with cultural marketing and audience development specialists Palmer Squared, PR Associate Rob Allen and the Audience Agency alongside venue marketing teams on each show and audience targets.

  • Targeted online marketing supplementing high quality, engaging print
  • Dynamic trailers and clips for each show, featuring audience vox pops
  • High res colour photographs for press, website, social media
  • Skill share sessions with marketing staff from core venues, pooling ideas and approaches
  • Additional budget for audience development initiatives
  • Bespoke approaches, targeting culturally diverse and younger audiences

Intelligence from venues, audiences and marketing teams are consistently fed back into new commissioning and project development, influencing the way we make and tour future work.

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