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4 Tales to Save the World (in 4 parts)

About the Show

4 Tales to Save the World is a brand new piece of storytelling with music and live technology, created and performed by singer-songwriter and storyteller, Gwilym Morus-Baird, drawing on original new writing by four of Wales’ best short story writers – Kate Hamer, Joao Morais, Mary-Ann Constantine and Bethan Dear.

This show was originally conceived as a live performance blend of four newly commissioned tales imagining Wales after climate crisis, with original new music, and live technology.  While we plan to tour this as soon as we can, events of 2019-20 have inspired us to conceive a different combination!  

We are excited that 4 Tales to Save the World (in 4 parts) can now be experienced as four finely crafted, individual, online events, each taking one of the tales as an inspiration point. Following a live performance of the story with original music, a short film offers more insight and context into the author’s writing and perspective, followed by a Q&A between Gwilym, the author and the audience.

4 Tales to Save the World is a striking live and online event transporting us all into four different futures, where climate crisis, inequality, mass extinction, identity politics, genetics and artificial intelligence have all left their mark on humanity.

Each tale takes us on a different journey to the future, either finding hope, despair, or the simple humanity of people.

“Hope carried her. It urged her on. Time and time again, she returned to it.There is always hope. Even in the darkest darkness. There is always light to be found.”

Part 1: The Void by Bethan Dear – Sat 19 September, online, 8pm
Part 2: He Lives Upstairs by Mary-Ann Constantine – Sat 17 October, 8pm
Part 3: The Haves and Have Nots by Joao Morais – Sat 21 November, 8pm
Part 4: The Last Word by Kate Hamer – Sat 19 December, 8pm

4 Tales to Save the World (in 4 parts)

Tour dates

Sat 19th Sep 2020

Part 1 - The Void by Bethan Dear

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