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4 Tales to Save the World: a Sound World Experience

About the Show

Immerse yourself in four sensory sound worlds, with Gwilym Morus-Baird’s 4 Tales to Save the World: a Sound World Experience.

Currently booking dates with venues and promoters, so keep checking back as dates become available at your favourite venue or with your local rural touring promoter.

In response to our current crisis, our original plans for a live tour have been transformed into something personal, immersive and really rather special!

4 Tales to Save the World is a brand new storytelling sound world experience, created and recorded by Welsh singer-songwriter and storyteller, Gwilym Morus-Baird and directed by Bethan Dear.

This original work draws on specially commissioned tales from four of Wales’ leading short story writers – Kate Hamer (shortlisted for The Costa First Novel Prize for The Girl in the Red Coat), Joao Morais (described as “a great slice of comic Cardiff urban realism written by a Welsh Irvine Welsh’ – Independent on Sunday), Mary-Ann Constantine (whose piece is recorded partly in Welsh) and Bethan Dear – with original music, creating four distinctive worlds, imagining a future Wales following climate crisis.

For this experience you will receive 4 x 20 minute studio recordings of the 4 tales with original music. Once downloaded these recordings are yours to keep.

You’ll also be invited to a live online Q&A event hosted by Gwilym with one of the four short story writers that will feature live music and your chance to hear more from the artists and ask your own questions.

These four tales will transport you into four different futures, where climate crisis, inequality, mass extinction, identity politics, genetics and artificial intelligence have all left their mark on humanity.

Gwilym Morus-Baird has created unique soundscapes for each tale, with music spanning the traditional to the digital and by turns soulful, moving, powerful, playful and life-affirming.


Transcriptions for the four recordings are available to all bookers.

The recordings have been made in consultation with charities working with visually impaired audiences and audio described material is available box set buyers.

Listen to one of the songs from Kate Hamer’s tale, The Last Word:

4 Tales to Save the World: a sound world experience is a moving, immersive and personal experience with the opportunity for everyone to think about climate change and how we might be able to make a different ending.

4 Tales to Save the World: a Sound World Experience

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