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GAZING is a series of stories and stagazing moments we’re sharing with you over the summer months. It’s about looking up and out, to the stars, the Moon, perhaps even into the future…

It’s a little look into how and why across time and cultures, people have found many ways to make connections between life on Earth and the possibilities of the Night Sky, sharing stories which mark the changing seasons, providing orientation and inspiration.  

GAZING begins on Tuesday 21 July as short, gentle moments as your evening starts to unwind – in story and stargazing pieces each Tuesday and Friday at 8pm. These short episodes of wonder, just a few minutes long, will ping into your Facebook feed and YouTube browsing and here on this page – inviting you to explore our place in the Universe creatively, as humans have done for centuries, making connections between life on Earth and the infinite possibilities of the Night Sky.

If you’d like your evenings to be sprinkled with moments full of gazeworthy stories – follow us on our Facebook page and adjust your settings to receive notifications from us or subscribe to our YouTube channel, and make sure you don’t miss any opportunities for GAZING. If you don’t use social media, you can also see the stories right here on our website.

We launch our GAZING journey with a story from Giovanna Conforto, recorded in Italy, musing on the possible beginnings of human relationships between stories and stars.

The Gazing trailer

Animation by Charlotte Repton & Gavin Repton

Music by Stacey Blythe

The GAZING playlist

Enjoy our specially selected tunes to enjoy alongside our GAZING series!

The Beginning of Star Stories

Have you ever wondered how and why people started telling stories about the stars? Italian storyteller, Giovanna Conforto launches GAZING with how the mythology around the Night Sky came into being. Plus a story from the Dibabawon indigenous community in Davao about the Sun and Moon Giovanna was told by Richard Dian Vilar, a storyteller from the Philippines.

Storyteller: Giovanna Conforto

Animation: Billy Partridge

The Sea Goat

Derbyshire based storyteller, Rachel Murray tells the captivating story behind Capricornus at the StarDisc, Wirksworth’s celestial amphitheatre.

Storyteller: Rachel Murray

Filmed by Gavin Repton

Friendly and Constant Stars

Space writer and Royal Astronomical Society Fellow, Nick Spall offers a fascinating introduction to the Night Sky and what to look out for over the summer. He also discusses how over time, people have used the stars and constellations to find their place in the world both literally and in their own lives.

Nick Spall, Space Writer

Film made by Gavin Repton

The Summer Triangle

The Summer Triangle is made up of three bright stars, Vega, Deneb and Altair and can be seen throughout the summer, marking the constellations of the summer months. Here storyteller, Maria Whatton, tells the story of three birds, the Swan, the Eagle and the Vulture and what happened when they tried to be the first to reach the Sun.


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