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Lynne Denman

Hunting the Giant’s Daughter

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At the height of a feast in King Arthur’s court, a young visitor names everyone in the room and asks for help. He is head over heels in love, and all he knows is her name.

As the quest to find the young woman unfolds across star-lit landscapes and old, deep forests, it calls on all the skills and magic of Arthur’s chosen warriors. But when a mythical, ravaging wild boar threatens to destroy all that Arthur has forged, love, bravado and courage are put to the ultimate test.

Hunting the Giant’s Daughter blends dynamic bilingual storytelling for adults with traditional Welsh and jazz-influenced music to bring this adventurous love story vividly to life.

Hunting the Giant’s Daughter is one of the oldest King Arthur stories ever to be found in the British Isles. The source story is recorded in Welsh in The Mabinogion (13th Century).  Originally commissioned by Beyond the Border Festival, the show has since been enjoyed in successive tours of Wales, Ireland, Holland and England.

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Suitable for adults and age 10+

Hunting the Giant’s Daughter

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