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The Aberystwyth Wall

About the Show

Sea level rises have forced the people of Aberystwyth to build a gigantic sea defence around the town, and on one particular night, the wall attendant witnesses a monstrous storm raging, threatening his diverse community.

Following on from the success of 4 Tales to Save the World: a Sound World Experience, Gwilym Morus-Baird has been working on a fifth tale, The Aberystwyth Wall. And it will be out on the road for a three-date tour of Wales in April 2022.

The Aberystwyth Wall is a heart-warming tale of human connection, community and belonging, in a future Wales, where the worst of the climate crisis has come to pass.

The music, composed and performed by Gwilym Morus-Baird, accompanied by Ben MacCoed, draws on influences as varied as Welsh folk ballads and electric live-looping. Layered harmonies, Welsh language song and intricately woven guitar add another dimension, full of beauty and longing.

Here’s ‘Eto Mwy’ (‘Again More’), a beautiful, original song composed and performed by Gwilym Morus-Baird for the show:

Be transported a hundred years into the future by this modern retelling of the traditional Welsh folktale of Cantre’r Gwaelod, a mythical Welsh kingdom now lost beneath the waves of Caeredigion Bay.

The Aberystwyth Wall

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Mon 20th Dec 2021
storytellers peter chand, rachel murray and pyn stockman in bolsover
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