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The Kingdom of the Heart

About the Show

What secrets does the Fiery Man reveal?

Through a hole in the ground and an opening of the mind, a gleaming, golden land is visible to those who know how to look.  In that land is a king with legs of stone and a queen who has been enchanted by a serpent prince – a kingdom that has lost its way.  Can they find a way to return to their true selves?

Join an adventurous fisherman, a talking horse, the woman from the apple orchard and the youngest son of twelve on an unforgettable journey to the kingdom of the heart.

Drawing freely from two Czech wondertales and the music of Bach, Britten and Barchet, The Kingdom of the Heart is an evening of imaginative and evocative storytelling and music about the places where we discover what is in us to be, and to do, and to feel.

For adults and audiences 12+

The Kingdom of the Heart

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