The Boy and His Horse | Adverse Camber


The Boy and His Horse is a 45 minute version of The Kingdom of the Heart, suitable for schools or family audiences.  It has toured to numerous schools across England, and the family show has been presented at Oxford Story Museum and Norden Farm Centre for the Arts.

Following a performance, Katy and Sarah can run a series of related workshops through a combination of whole group, small group and pair work.

Storytelling workshop options:

  1. Narrative: the structure of the story, different viewpoints within the story, the twists and turns of fortune for each character.
  2. Description: images in words, rich and unusual details, adding a soundscape.
  3. Rhythm: journey sequences and rhymes, finding the pulse and putting it into the language.

Music workshop options:

Improvising music from everyday source materials, to reflect or enhance telling of stories

“Very clear, lively delivery.  The story itself reinforced the skills the girls have been learning to use in story writing… we felt the cello really added to the telling on the story… The girls thoroughly enjoyed the workshops…They reinforced some of the work they have been doing on how to add detail through description of actions/behaviour… We also really liked the activity where you added sound effects to the story… Everyone was very positive about the day.”  Lady Eleanor Holles Junior School

More info in this short clip