Artists | Adverse Camber


Xanthe Gresham Knight


Xanthe has been telling stories for over twenty years. She is a graduate of Oxford University and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.  Xanthe’s work is energetic and distinctive and has captivated audiences all over the world.   Her stories of The Shahnameh have been shaped by many visits to the British Library to study different translations as well as years of dreaming about characters in this epic and performances to audiences of all ages.   She also performs the Goddess Tales, described as a series of minor miracles as she morphs from one goddess to another, performed at The Barbican, The National, Northern Stage and The Cheltenham Literature Festival.  Her commissioned work has toured to the Smithsonian, the Ulster Museum and the Harvard Art Gallery.

Arash Moradi


Arash Moradi was born in the Kurdish city of Kermanshah in Western Iran. He is the eldest son of Iran’s leading tanbour player Ali Akbar Moradi. Arash started learning this ancient art form from an early age from his father whom he has since accompanied in numerous concerts and festivals throughout the world. Arash lives in London where he teaches tanbour and runs workshops on Persian music.  He has also collaborated with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic. He also actively promotes Kurdish music.