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VÅR: the story of Hervor

About the Show

Vår means spring, Vår means our.

In 524 AD in the far North a girl was born. “She has a giant’s anger” said her people when they saw her. “She will never behave like a woman. Put her in the forest to die.” 

The girl was called Hervor (meaning ‘our army’). She grew up to become a brutal warrior, even summoning the dead in order to step into her place in a line of heroes. 

What happens when someone breaks from what is expected? How important is memory in forming identity? How much do the stories that are told to us, and about us, make us who we are?

Shining a light on a relatively unknown Norse saga, VÅR is a brand new performance created and performed by two outstanding Norwegian artists – storyteller, Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen and composer / musician, Kristin Bolstad. 

VÅR blends the traditional with the contemporary, an ancient story with the autobiographical, the art of oral storytelling with electroacoustic music, in a fascinating exploration of how digital sound experiences can work together with evocative storytelling to produce a captivating audience experience.

VÅR: the story of Hervor

Tour dates

Tue 6th Jul 2021
Online as part of Beyond the Border's digital programme
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Wed 26th May 2021
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